It’s Election Day, Get Out And Vote

11.06.12 Andy Cush

After what felt like an eternity of lead-up and one of the most contentious presidential campaigns of all time, election day 2012 is finally upon us. So get to the polls! If you’re in New York and have any questions at all about where to vote, how to vote, or what you’re entitled to as a voter, check out this helpful guide to election day that ANIMAL created along with New York City Public Advocate Bill de Blasio.

And if you’ve already voted and have some interesting experiences or insight to share, please sound off in the comments or shoot us an email and we might post your story here.

We’ve already gotten one update, from a Gowanus woman who said that a worker at the polling place erroneously told her to “make sure you vote for all one party, or your vote could be messed up by going back and forth.” When the woman told the worker how inappropriate it was to tell voters that, she was told to take her complaints to the Board of Elections at 345 Adams Street in Downtown Brooklyn.