James Cameron Will Give ‘Titanic’ 3D Implants, Suggestions?

03.17.10 Marina Galperina

titanicJames Cameron tells Warner Brothers that he plans to re-release Titanic in 3D by 2012, “which is the 100 year anniversary of the sailing of the ship.” Anything planned for the flight of the Hindenburg? But, seriously…

Giving a 2D-film of an extra dimension is janky business. As well-intended as it was, The Nightmare Before Christmas: 3D felt like a quirky, layered stigmatism in my eyes. But, imagining the technology perfected, I could think of a few movies I’d enjoy in 3D.

Enter the Void (2009): Too bad Gasper Noe didn’t have enough money to fully manifest his dream of a 3D art-junkie porno. It would have made the anticipated penis-POV intercourse scene all the more promising. (Now playing at SXSW)

Showgirls (1995): As the highest grossing NC-17 flick yet/still, pioneer of digital effects with first ever bras and panties rendered over genitalia for the VH1 version (Suck it, Avatar!), both camp and midnight movie material, the booby All About Eve remake is overdue for an upgrade. Just slip some paper-rimmed 3D glasses into the old VIP DVD set, right between the drinking game shot glasses and pasties. It’s sure to make money… That’s the point, right?

Peeping Tom (1960): When picking a classic to butcher with the idea, Michael Powell’s twisted film seems like it could work, if only for the kill scenes. It would make that tripod-leg knife extra stabby as prostitutes watch themselves die in the mirror attached to the snuff cinematographer/killer’s camera. Just sayin.

But you guys can do better picking your own. Right?