James Deen and Lindsay Lohan
Get Intimate in ’50s-Style
The Canyons Trailer

11.13.12 Marina Galperina

From “Kickstarter productions,” here’s yet another new teaser-trailer for The Canyons. If the last teaser was all ’70s Grindhouse, this one is ’50s melodrama, with a few new conflict drama scenes, notably LiLo and the pornstar make out, because you were waiting for it. Stop speculating, you vultures. To quote Mr. Deen as of July 3rd, ahem ahem, “I can definitely honestly say Lindsay Lohan and I are not having sex!”

Also, teaser’s got jokes and jokes and  jokes. “From the pen of Twitter-obsessed author Bret Easton Ellis,” “direcrted by the never-nominated director Paul Schrader…”

They’re not exactly tongue-in-cheek about the low-budget-ness of this entire thing. No, they pretty much got their whole fist in there with it.