James Murphy Wants Musical Subway Turnstiles

11.12.13 Andy Cush

According to former LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy, he’s been working for fourteen years to realize his dream for New York City transit: musical turnstiles.

In an interview with Chicago public radio, Murphy explains he wants every station in New York City to have its own set of notes. Whenever a person moves through a turnstile, a note plays, culminating in a particular chord when many people are traveling.

“I want to make every station in New York have a different set of dominant keys,” he says. “So that people who grow up [here], later on in life, might hear a piece of music and say, “Ah, that’s like Union Square.”

Murphy says part of the reason the idea has seen little progress is confusion about what city or state agency would handle it. “It’s really hard to get through to [the city],” he says. ” I also think it’s such a weird project. Is it the transit authority? Is it the city? It falls into a weird thing.”

(Station photo: Adam Fagen/Flickr)