Jay Z Bought That $4.5 Million Basquiat, Of Course He Did

11.20.13 Marina Galperina

The anonymous buyer who took home Jean-Michel Basquiat’s Mecca at the Sotheby’s auction in Manhattan last week was Jay Z, reports the Post. And because it was the Post that reports it, Mecca is “quirky” and “Jay Z has had a love affair with the late graffiti artist and fellow Brooklyn native for several years.”

This must have been a most fulfilling purchase for Jay. Other Basquiat paintings he likes are the Charlie Parker-inspired Most Kings [Get Their Heads Cut Off] referenced in his track “Most Kingz” (“See success is like suicide/Suicide, it’s a suicide/When you succeed prepare to be crucified”) and Untitled which was Photoshopped into Jay Z’s possession for that cognac ad. 

Though some of our experts called his taste in art “basic,” ANIMAL’s analysis of “Magna Carta” concluded that brand name art ownership fulfills Jay Z’s final mission of conceptual capitalism.

Mecca is his Mecca.