Jayson Musson aka Hennessy Youngman Gets Into Fashion

11.30.12 Marina Galperina

Hennessy Youngman, the best art world critic in the world, also known as Jayson Musson the Coogi sweater canvas artist and artist educator will finally let you take him home via these Stussy shirts he designed for their Fall/Winter 2012 collection.

Featuring classic-style Musson art akin to his “Barack Rescues Abu Ghraib Unicorn” series, they’re clever and I especially like the skateboard skating on a dude one, even though I do not skate, but yes, please, give them to me and you, you don’t even say nothing because Musson was lecturing at the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland last night, changing lives!!!

Anyway. It’s kind of cool to see a emerging artist do so well. Don’t hate.

Fresh. And better than Yoko Ono.