“My Jeans” Rapper Promotes Stop-and-Frisk Song With Fake Parking Tickets

12.30.13 Andy Cush

There’s an orange envelope on the windshield of your car that reads “N.Y.C. D3PT. OF FINANCE, PARKIN’ VIOLATERS, NEW YORK 2014.” Inside, there’s a big QR code and text urging you to “SCAN NOW! FOR FINE INFO – TIME SENSATIVE.”

It is not, as you have surely already surmised, an actual parking ticket.

A Redditor who goes by sinistergummybear received one such ticket and posted it online Sunday with the caption “I got a ticket from the D3pt of Financ3. I wonder how many people fall for this.”

Scanning the QR code in question leads you to the slickly produced music video for “Stop and Frisk” by a rapper named I Am Trigg, who denounces the NYPD in a Future-esque staccato flow.

It’s a clever, if spammy, bit of marketing, and it appears to be working on some level; “Stop and Frisk” has racked up 100,000 YouTube views in the 10 days since it was published.

Who is this “I Am Trigg,” though? A quick Googling reveals his, erm, checkered past.

Our hero, known as Baby Triggy at the time, was the guest rapper on Jenna Rose’s “My Jeans,” a song you may remember as a slightly-less-popular predecessor to Rebecca Black’s “Friday.” He’s the guy who said “Trigg bought a new Blackberry,” over and over and over.

Readers looking to learn more about Trigg are encouraged to check out this insane Examiner post, which bills him as the “leader of the new hip-hop generation.” (For context, Examiner also once published this).

Say what you will about Trigg’s musical ability, but he’s damned good at marketing himself. Perhaps a career in advertising?

(Ticket photo: sinistergummybear/Reddit)