Jeff Koons Dresses by Lisa Perry From the Land of $4,500 T-shirts

04.23.12 Marina Galperina

Some new threads and bangles from Lisa Perry’s latest artist-inspire line. Monkeys! Chrome bunnies! Ruffles and cherries on top! The collection retails at “$295 – $995 for accessories and $150 – $4,500 for a T-shirt, a white leather jacket and dresses, respectively.” Aside from the art being yawn, it’s the kind of hyper-cute baby kitsch that will make anyone over 30 beam with overgrown Lolita syndrome rivaling Lana Del Rey’s. Well, maybe not quite so aggressively, but yet, yawn. Lisa Perry’s Lichtenstein-inspired spray-paint-top and on-off-switch mod dresses were pretty clever. What gives?