Jeffrey Deitch’s Street Art and Graffiti MoCA Extravaganza

09.17.10 Marina Galperina

Jeffrey Deitch’s not wasting any time pumping up MoCA’s rep. In 2011, he’ll be rolling out the Art in the Streets retrospective with 100+ artists (Basquiat, Space Invader, Banksy, Mister Cartoon…) with 25 with installations and murals.

Also: ’70s LA “cholo graffiti,” New York Wild Style circa ’80s and so on. Deitch says:

It’s going to be the first major museum survey of the history of graffiti and street art presented in the United States.

More details soon. Meanwhile, enthusiasts of the outdoor arts are surely compiling a list of artists that “better be in this show if it’s to be any good.” (Suggestions?) And someone’s figuring out a way to make money off it all without chisels and lawyers.