Jennifer Lynch's Sexy Snakegirl Disaster Making-Of Doc

03.29.12 Marina Galperina

“This is so absurd, I’m making a movie about a snake that turns into a woman that turns into a snake… and I’m having a nervous breakdown because I can’t have fun with it?” David Lynch’s daughter Jennifer Lynch has been trying to make a successful film for awhile, and the 2010’s Bollywood dud Hisss wasn’t it. Here’s the trailer for Penny Vozniak’s new, excruciatingly candid making-of Hisss documentary Despite the Gods, wherein Lynch loses it. “…And I haven’t been laid in like 400 fucking years.”

Watch her muse Mallika Sherawat slither her form around in prop scales and then lose it. “I’m not a machine!”

Watch Lynch try to work within India’s film system with a local crew and then  lose it. “The chop chop chop of India is not what Jen Jen Jen wants to do!”

This is just a reminder that art is hard. And making fluffy Bollywood horror on the other side of the world on a tiny budget is also hard. Who else wants to give Jennifer a hug?