Jesus Blood Popsicles on Crucifix Sticks

05.18.12 Marina Galperina

Brooklyn-based artist Sebastian Errazuriz has 100 “Christian Popsicles” for you. They’re made from the Blood of Christ. He snuck a cooler of wine into church at Eucharist time and a priest inadvertently blessed it, so there they are.

Transubstantiation hacked! “Blood” frozen! Suck on the Christ pop ’till a crucifix appears.

The provocative artist’s latest piece expresses his aversion to religious extremism and its “growing influence over American politics” as well as demands that US leaders “publicly profess their faith in their god and enforce laws that defend the ideology of the Bible over individual liberties.”

See them on Saturday at Gallery R’Pure in Manhattan’s Flatiron District: “Love It Or Leave It,” Various Artists, May 19 – Jun 1, Gallery R’Pure, New York