Jimmy McMillan Dolls Now Available; Album Coming Soon

10.28.10 Lauri Apple

The same company that produced the Anna Chapman action figure and the witchy Christine O’Donnell doll has released a talking Jimmy McMillan toy. You’ll never guess what it says.

Connecticut-based Herobuilders.com has already sold several hundred dolls, probably most of them to journalists and political bloggers. The talking version only says one thing—”rent is too damn high”—yet at $50 costs a whole $10 more than the mute model, priced at $40. Forty dollars for a mini-McMillan is too damn expensive (ha!), but it’s more reasonable than $50. Maybe just buy a mute doll, hold it up to your computer, play a YouTube from the gubernatorial debate, and save yourself $10.

TIME is so excited that it recommends the Jimmy McMillan doll as an early Christmas gift, because everyone celebrates Christmas. But if dolls creep you out, you can consume Jimmy McMillan cultural in a digital format: come Election Day, he’s releasing a new record on iTunes. One of the new songs is called “Rent Party Christmas.” See, what did I say about Christmas.

Here’s a curious thing: CBS awarded photo credit to the Associated Press, who seem to have broken the Jimmy McMillan doll story. But the photo that CBS used is the same as the one we’ve used, which came from Herobuilders.com. TIME gives Herobuilders credit for the pic; the Canadian Post credits both Herobuilders and the AP, and the Huffington Post credits both Herobuilders and Getty Images.