John Currin Is Tired Of Nudes

08.27.12 Marina Galperina

Painter John Currin is growing weary of his signature the Renaissance-meets-Russ-Meyer nudes. “One thing that happens with me is that I get turned off of sex,” he says, on record, literally. The next issue of Dasha Zhukova’s neat and Hirst-butterfly-vag-tat-infamous Garage Magazine will feature a vinyl recording of a conversation between John Currin and bff Marc Jacobs, which will feature that little confession: “I don’t want to see any naked girls for a while.” Bwaaah? But Currin’s preposterous busts are like Monet’s water lilies! I suppose he doesn’t want to see all that hardcore porn he drew either.

Naturally, the context of said chopped quote is ambiguous. The mag’s limited audition issue’s vinyl interview is about art and fashion and the notion of “sexiness” therein, so it could  be something less damning. Fingers crossed?