Jonas Mekas' Rare Portraits of Andy, Eddie and Elvis

02.20.12 Marina Galperina

Jonas Mekas — filmmaker, artist, avant-garde vlogger, and daddy of the Anthology Film Archives — is exhibiting little-known work. See celluloid snip portraits of Andy Warhol at the Farmer’s Market, John Lennon’s 32nd birthday and Edie Sedgwick flailing seductively on stage next to Lou Reed during the Velvet Underground’s first performance at the Delmonico Hotel for the New York Society of Clinical Psychiatry Annual Dinner. Also, Dalì. Also, Elvis.

Also, works by Mekas’ former assistant and now famous photographer Robert Polidori, whose striking portraits of Syrian patriarchs, saucy Cuban girls and India’s hazy holy men are also rare. This is the first time the two friends have exhibited their work together. “Portraits,” Jonas Mekas and Robert Polidori, Feb 23 – Mar 31, Edwynn Houk Gallery, New York