Julian Assange Spotted… on Flickr!

12.03.10 Marina Galperina

While INTERPOL doesn’t even have a photo of their most wanted man, here is Julian Assange nervously photobombing a random Norwegian’s just-uploaded family snapshot. Flickr user Magne Alvheim writes, “Famous person captured by accident. He just happened to cross the road while I was taking pictures.” 

WikiLeaks is being strangled online. Meanwhile, the information liberator is actually wanted by INTERPOL for “sex by surprise” which allegedly happened about a month after the photobomb. The photo was taken on July 25th, the day WikiLeaks leaked the Afghan War documents.

Here is the latest, wherein Julian Assange answers Twitter users’ questions about cablegate’s XXXXXs, death threats from politicians and UFOs. (Photo: Magne Alvheim/flickr)