J/Z Is the Best In NY

08.24.11 Myles Tanzer

The Straphangers Campaign completed their annual survey crowning the J/Z line best subway in New York City. The trains that runs from lower Manhattan to Jamaica Center won the top spot from the six time champion 7 train.

In related news, The Wall Street Journal wins best headline of the week for their killer effort: ““MTA Has 99 Problems, But J/Z Ain’t One”” — that’s some Murdoch superiority right there.

The only problem with the list is that the L comes in at number six. The C train, which ends up in last place is not as bad as the L. The survey says that the C has the longest wait times but the cleanest trains. That’s a pretty fair tradeoff. Obviously the list makers have never been on a Brooklyn-bound L train at 10 PM. It’s what the devil’s chariot must feel like. (Photo: pixxiestails/flickr)