Kids at LES Summer Program Have Pint-Sized Art Battles

08.27.12 Joshua Rivera

Grade schoolers are battling it out like grown ups now.

In an effort to get more kids interested in learning painting skills, nonprofit the Educational Alliance decided to take the central conceit behind Art Battles, which feature live competitions between two artists on stage, and have the Lower East Side children of the P.S. 142 summer program do the same, DNAInfo reports.

The live battle at P.S 142 was the climax to the alliance’s free seven-week summer program where local artists, such as Yatika Starr Fields and Gianna Gutierrez, taught kids about art and how to take it to battle.

Organizers like Andrea Fennewalk see the project as “a great way to bring art to the kids” in a neighborhood surrounded by art but with little art tuition money for students.

(Photo: ollily/Flickr)