KIDULT’s “Visual Dictatorship” Emerges

10.02.12 Bucky Turco

“This is a movement, love it or hate it,” says French vandal-auteur KIDULT in a disguised voice about his luxury brand-blasting graffiti escapades during the opening sequence of his short new short film, Visual Dictatorship. As noted by 12oz, “this 13-minute manifesto of sorts” shows “previously unreleased footage” of the fire-extinguisher equipped graffiti writer while “he blasts the storefronts of Christian Louboutin in Paris, Marc Jacobs in New York, and hits the streets of Hong Kong with tags and posters inspired by the celebrated Kate Moss campaign for Supreme.” But while some artists agitate companies with the hopes of one day scoring gainful employment with them, that is not what motivates him. “Don’t expect to see me work with these brands, it’ll never happen,” explains KIDULT. “My painting is a dictatorship. These brands can do nothing but suffer.”