Kodachrome New York in the 1940s

02.16.12 Marina Galperina

 Let’s do the timewarp again. Check out these Kodachrome (R.I.P. Kodachrome!) photos of Manhattan. Amateur photographer Charles Weever Cushman had donated his collection of 14,500 color slides to Indiana University and here they are again. Spanning 1938 to 1969, these 1940s ones are the best. Gents in hats. Old cars. Chinatown. LES. Awesome little drink vendor wheelbarrows with their clanky bottles of dyed sugar syrup. Have a good olde time…

Take a little stroll why don’t you. The best part in flipping through these rare color images in their raw format is the fact that some of this stuff is — gasp! — still there, like McSorley’s, only, we bet it was by far less bro up in there back then. Maybe. Who knows. Whoever knows is damn old.