Koons Guest-Curates New Museum’s Krazy New Show!

02.16.10 Marina Galperina

Recently announced guest curator/balloon maker Jeff Koons presents New Museum’s “Skin Fruit” — 100 works by 50 artists, with a single Koons weaseled in. Contemporary superstars like Paul McCarthy, Richard Prince and Franz West will take part, alongside younger artists and others’ newly updated works.

Skimming Art Info‘s skimming of the press release reveals, that exhibition title “Skin Fruit” alludes to “notions of genesis, evolution, original sin, and sexuality.” Additionally, expect this coming March 3rd: “role-playing games and dramas occur: a man will stage a religious ritual; a sculpture literally sings out; white chocolate monuments tower above visitor’s heads; voracious creatures eat themselves and each other while bodies are buried or frozen; icons and deities are adored or dethroned.” Okay then.

So all that controversy about the ethics of displaying museum trustee Dakis Joannou’s personal collection as an exhibit has died down, apparently, as defended in November by the recently sent West-bound Jeffrey Deitch (Joannou’s personal curator.) 100 of Joannou’s 1500 collected art objects will constitute part one of New Museum’s series showcasing private, rarely seen contemporary art collections from around the world. They call the series “The Imaginary Museum.” And I call it “Rich People Have Such Cool Stuff.”

“Skin Fruit,” Mar 3 – Jun 6, The New Museum, 235 Bowery