Leaked Memo Says American Apparel Loves Woody

04.22.09 Will Sherman


Despite the fact he’s suing them for millions of dollars, American Apparel loves Woody Allen. After all, that is why they put him on their billboards without permission in the first place. Still, the LA clothing manufacturer remains firm, claiming that Allen’s image isn’t worth all the money he’s asking for, especially not after his scandalous marriage to Soon-Yi Previn, the adopted daughter of his former girlfriend, Mia Farrow.

Earlier this week, new court papers were filed indicating Dov Charney’s legal team is set to prove that “Mr. Allen is not an appropriate person to discuss any value of any endorsement.” In addition to documents on his relationship with Previn, possibly including nude photos, their evidence includes Mia Farrow’s 1997 memoir which claims Allen couldn’t remember the names of pets, doctors, teachers and friends, or the fact that their son had cerebral palsy.

Gothamist obtained an internal memo from American Apparel that claims the billboards were “intended to be a social statement not an ad” about “what media scandal feels like and how quickly the truth gets lost,” which boils down to the clothing company starting a new conflict to deal with an old one, Dov Charney’s sexual harassment lawsuits. The memo also denies requesting nude photos of Soon-Yi Previn and then goes on to describe Charney’s love for Allen and good intentions in using his image without asking, which probably doesn’t carry much weight when the case goes to trial on May 18th.

Photo of American Apparel model Natasha Komis and Dov Charney from Jezebel and photo of Woody Allen and Soon-Li Previn from Zimbio