Leonard Nimoy Plays Dress Up

07.30.10 Marina Galperina
Martín and Klemente, poet and student: "Since I grew up in East New York I always wanted to be a gangster. Chad the Great White Shark hunts lawyers, the most dangerous game."

Thanks, Spock. Now I’m sure rabbis wear leather panties and psychotherapists love chainsaws. Nimoy’s photo exhibit “Secret Selves” at Mass MoCA had deceptively normal locals all dressed up as their alter egos/other selves/sharks with hands that shoots lasers.

We’re all really a half of what we could be, says Nimoy, says Plato. Our other halves are total freaks/superstars/whatever-the-hell-this-is. So for those who wear their id on the outside, is it reverse? Is Sasha Grey’s “secret self” really a Girl Scout?