Leos Carax’ New Insane ‘Holy Motors’ Trailer, Now With More Merde

05.24.12 Marina Galperina

The first feature from the fucked up and and wonderful Leos Carax since 1999 Pola X is now at Cannes. Here’s the trailer, with Denis Lavant being chauffeured ’round in a limo and donning “elaborate and deeply preposterous” disguises for mysterious reasons. Merde (“Shit”), the sever-dwelling, mad gibberish-spewing, leprechaun-esque terrorist from Tokyo! is back.

Merde is in Paris now. He’s one of the “actor’s” “disguises” and kidnaps supermodel Eva Mendes while Kylie Minogue croons. Such a mainstream cast for such a strange French man’s strange film. It’s “bat-shit crazy,” “Kafkaesque,” kaleidoscopic, provocative, dreamy, splitting Cannes audiences into walk-outs and standing ovations. Hold that thought. There’s no US release date yet.

So here’s everyone’s favorite rabbit in the headlights doing his Merde bit to Alison Mosshart’s groans for fun, apropos Tokyo! Oh, Memories…