LES Declares War on SantaCon

12.10.13 Andy Cush

SantaCon, the unstoppable plague from which we will never escape, will travel through the East Village, Lower East Side, and Brooklyn, this Saturday, December 14. Some people are not happy about this.

The NIMBY group LES Dwellers have taken a stand against the annual convening of drunken holiday revelers, putting up signs around their neighborhood marking it a “SantaCon Free Zone.” ANIMAL’s Bucky Turco spotted this one near the McDonald’s at Delancey and Essex.

The LES isn’t the first neighborhood to oppose the ‘Con: last month, midtown NYPD officers took the unusual step of formally requesting area bar owners not to serve serve any jolly, drunken Clauses.

(Photo: Bucky Turco/ANIMALNewYork)