Let's Build a Miniature Library "House" in Brooklyn

02.01.12 Marina Galperina

Here’s a new project worth Kickstarting: The Hundred Story House is a miniature Brooklyn brownstone or, essentially, a book shelf/mobile library/interactive public artwork that is being proposed for Cobble Hill Park this spring.

From Brooklyn-based artist Leon Reid IV who dressed Union Square’s Washington statue in tourist schwag and film producer Julia Marchesi, The Hundred Story House will lend out about a hundred tomes on a take-a-book, leave-a-book honor system. That alone should make you want to go aww and give them monies.

Blame “the increasingly digitized age,” but “the form that books take has changed, and so has the nature of ‘community’.” So, you can Facebook status update with an Instagram of a screen shot of a Kindle book you bought on Amazon and keep checking for Likes, or you can fund this heart-warming little ode to IRL lit crews, go get a book and have a conversation.