Life After SOPA: Get Your Internet Black-Out Trinket!

12.14.11 Marina Galperina

Tomorrow, the House will be voting on the SOPA bill a.k.a. the first American internet censorship act that will give private corporations the power to censor and shut down any website posting or linking to allegedly “infringing” material. Just think of the possibilities! To help you, here’s a handy black-out widget from F.A.T. artist Greg Leuch.

From the makers of the reversed Great Firewall of China and Charlie Sheen browser blocker, it’s the Stop SOPA Blackout, because it’s serious. Instal this ditty right here and see your blog, Tumblr or otherwise endangered outlet get blacked out, or rather, fuchsia’ed away. If you don’t like fuchsia, you can tweak the code as per instructions to a more solemn, less festive shade of censorship.

If the ████ SOPA bill passes ████████████ we’re all kind of ████ed, so proceed.