Lily Cole: A Teen Forever!

02.28.12 Marina Galperina

teenModel, actress, surreal ginger Lily Cole is 23 years old. Yet, there she is, in a new Mary Harron movie, playing a “gothic” schoolgirl, who may or may not be a lesbian vampire. Teeheehee!

Do not judge the director of American Psycho for trying to hone in on this whole vampire cha-ching thing, but it can’t be worse than that vacuous shit where the little chick is all little until a shiny vampire-man marries her and impregnates her with a parasite she won’t abort that almost kills her and feminism? That’s how it goes, right? Anyway, the Moth Diaries go like this:

…a chilling story of Rebecca, a young girl who, haunted by her father’s suicide, enrolls in an elite boarding school for girls. Before long, Rebecca’s  friendship with the popular Lucy is shattered by the arrival of a dark and mysterious new student named Ernessa. Lucy  falls under Ernessa’s spell and becomes emotionally and physically consumed by her glamorous new friend…

Blah blah blah, crush on an English teacher, mysterious deaths, a “goth” chick (because she wears glamorous eyebrow pencil and cuts herself, duh!), something something, “harrowing story of the anxieties, lusts and fears of adolescence.” Wait, wasn’t she just a fifteen year old promised to bride the Devil Tom Waits? Oh, teeheehee.