Limelight Documentary: The Rise and Fall of an NYC Club Empire

09.08.11 Marina Galperina

LIMEThe new Limelight documentary delves deeply into Peter Gatien’s nightlife operation’s storied highs, Giuliani’s ecstacy crackdown and the cultural imprint of all that joyful degeneracy.

The Church of the Holy Communion in Chelsea is a mall now, but just a decade ago it was a vast, teeming, thumping, Club Kid-infested, glorious hole, or so the legend goes. Yup, that’s Michael Alig (young people: “Party Monster”) doing an interview in a festively lit prison cell. Though tales of dismembering drug dealers are briefly alluded to in the trailer, the central story is still Gatien’s.

Produced by the club owner’s daughter Jen Gatien, it’s looking to be full of insight on the empire that got a little too big to rule and the man who became the prime, exemplary target of the Drug Enforcement Administration’s ’90s war on drugs and happy times.

Opens September 23.