Lingerie Company Accused of Glorifying Incest

11.17.11 Tabatha McGurr

Ethereal lingerie company The Lake & Stars have always been recognized for their hauntingly beautiful lookbooks, but this latest photoshoot from the fall/winter campaign is attracting a much more negative kind of attention. Starring a gorgeous Brooklynite mother/daughter duo, the collection consists of tasteful intimates, garters, and bodysuits, showcased in three captivating pictures of the pair – yet many journalists, bloggers, and anonymous commenters are seeing it as incestuous instead.

Since when has hugging your mom in a onesie been considered outrageous and taboo? In response to the outrage, Nikki Dekker (half of the brains behind the L&S operation) explains that they’re not exactly surprised by the reactions they’re getting, though they never saw their models as displaying a sexual relationship, just the closely intimate bond shared between most mothers and their daughters. I personally find the concept awesome and stunningly executed, but at the end of the day it seems to be a cultural issue. Shit like this would never turn heads in Europe!