Long Island: Heroin Nest

09.28.09 Bucky Turco

heroin-300x200 When it comes to drug consumption—of all types—Long Island is always ahead of the curve and according to this Newsday op-ed, the suburban enclave is increasingly becoming a playground for heroin junkies. And we’re not just talking about sleazy parts of Nassau County, but the rural expanses of Suffolk too. In addition to abject boredom and homogeneous isolation, quality is likely playing a role in its proliferation, with dope reportedly cheaper and purer than ever:

The increased purity (a bag purchased in a primary market might contain over 70 percent heroin), means that beginners can snort rather than inject the drug. Forty years ago a street bag might have had 90 percent adulterants and only 10 percent heroin, and while a new user might snort it, a shift to IV injection happened quickly.

So just how widespread is the heroin problem? Even the cutesy town of Smithtown might start allowing K9 units to patrol its schools for junkie students. |Newsday|