“Lost” Aphex Twin Album Raises $40K on Kickstarter; Get Your Copy

04.14.14 Andy Cush

Richard D. James, he of many monikers, recorded an LP’s worth of music under his alias Caustic Window in the early ’90s that never saw release. Now — twenty years and a slew of Aphex Twin, AFX, and The Tuss releases later — it may see the light of day.

A crowdfunding campaign to purchase one of the four test pressings of the LP that allegedly exist and release it to everyone who donated money has raised $42,000 — well over its $9,300 goal — at the time of this writing. Anyone who donates $16 or more gets a copy, with the legal blessing Rephlex Records and Mr. James himself. The organizers write on Kickstarter:

Of course, the main issue with doing such a thing is distribution – individuals (even lots of individuals) don’t have the right to copy and distribute music they don’t have the rights to – then, an idea came to me – why not raise the funds for the record, buy it, then strike a deal with the record label to purchase the rights for everyone who chipped in a digital copy of the tracks?

A few emails later, and such a deal had been struck – the label and Richard James himself agreed to offer one-time distribution rights so the people contributing to this Kickstarter would have a once-in-a-lifetime to own tracks from arguably one of the rarest electronic music (non) releases of all time (and some damn fine music too).

The label has no plans to do a commercial pressing of the record, so if you want one (legally), chip in your 16 clams here. You have 25 more days.