Lost LL Cool J Song Found Behind Radiator

09.12.11 Myles Tanzer

Like the ghetto answer to lost Holocaust art or something, a previously unheard LL Cool J track was found behind a radiator this weekend. Recorded in 1994 during the “golden era” of rap music, it’s called “Year of The Hip Hop” and is now being sold in a limited edition vinyl run for lots of money, depending on which color record you buy. And it’s not bad!

Slice of Spice, the company that is now selling the record tells the backstory of the recording:

“Back in 1994 K-Def was working on some beats out of the B Room in Marly Marl’s House Of Hits when LL Cool J walked in on his session and said “let’s make some tracks together”. Uncle L had always wanted to rhyme on a track using the famous ESG breakbeat ‘UFO’, so he had Def lay it down with some scratches and then went to town with the mic. Both thought they had a sure fire hit on their hands but unfortunately it was never used.”