Louisiana Town Attacked by Viral Marketing Monster

12.13.10 Lauri Apple

This portrait of a glowing-eyed ghoul was supposedly taken by someone hunting deer in Berwick, La. and sent to the local TV news station. For a while, people thought it was an actual alien from the planet Gnosis.

OK no they didn’t–this pic circulated before the Attack of ’10. But people thought it was something, like a swamp-dude dealie or alien. The local NBC affiliate even ran a segment on the thing, after consulting with several expert-bros via the Facebook:

As it turns out, the swamp thing photo is just a viral marketing ploy for an upcoming Steven Spielberg movie called Super 8. And you were so scared when you saw that picture! But probably not as scared as those anchor-gals. (Apparently Photoshop hasn’t reached Baton Rouge yet.) But yeah–all you really have to be afraid of is that segments involving fake alien-things can pass as news.

NBC 33 seems to be obsessed with things that aren’t real. Here’s a top story about Santa coming to town, and here’s a segment on Fantasy Football. Another segment tells of a angry pizza lady “sensation” (whose authenticity is under dispute … maybe she was j/k for YouTube stardom purposes), and a Shrine to the Everything Woman celebrates women who Jazzercise. Of which there are none, and don’t tell me otherwise because I won’t believe you, I am stubborn like that.

If alien forest ghoul monster things were actually walking around, Google would have found them by now.