Jesus-Art Smasher’s Site Exposes Perveted Antichrist Bill Gates

03.29.11 Marina Galperina

Seven more weeks to the Rapture, you guys! So says the newly launched website of the crowbar-wielding trucker Kathy Folden who destroyed Enrique Chagoya’s The Misadventures of the Romantic Cannibals at the Loveland Museum. There’s a ten page treatise on the “incident” (“I know I will be rewarded, above the satisfaction I got from ripping such an offense to shreds”), extensive evidence that Bill Gates is the Antichrist (he’s got a “bionic brain implant to directly connect him with his worldwide computer networks” and “gets his neighbors drunk so he can see them naked”) and many hat tips to Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck. Gasp. Now, for some art criticism…

Apparently, Piss Christ is evoked a heavy emotional response in Kathy, but Cannibals filled her with a sense of determination:

Whereas, upon hearing about the crucifix soaking in urine, I was utterly livid, upon hearing about Jesus in a dress, having breasts, and being serviced by a man with a big, ugly, red tongue, I was utterly calm and steadfast.

Someone’s got a case of the no homos! It’s a chronic one too, since “God positioned Barack Obama as President of the United States” to “homosexualize the military.” But back to art theory:

In response to the bawling man in the corner, who weakly tried to push me away from the case twice: I said, “It wasn’t art,” when he asked how I could destroy ART?! Imagine a man, fully grown, worshipping and bawling over such meaningless drivel, trying to fill a life nearing its completion, with emptiness and counterfeit. Any school age artists could reproduce like quality, although they would be vastly enriched by never having been contaminated through seeing it.

Who is Kathy?

Who I am is a wife who married young, only to be rejected. The Lord is my soon to be husband and witness on my behalf against that rejection…

Kathy is a very jealous fiancée. Rawr.