Lovesody: A Tokyo Love of Affair With a Young Single Mother

02.03.12 Marina Galperina

When Tokyo-born photographer Motoyuki Daifu met this girl, she was twenty, with a two-year-old kid and pregnant with another. “I fell in love with her at first sight” … for six months. “I had never met a girl like her — a girl full of motherly love.” See the photographic record of their brief but deep affair at Lombard Freid Projects and you’ll feel like a voyeur. NSFW.

The self-described “New Young Japanese Photographer” (dude was born in 1985) was previously featured in Lombard Freid’s “Minor Cropping May Occur” show, exposing the erratic, cramped, stereotype-shattering scenes of his family life. He’s since wandered off into the arms of this lady. Looks like some raw stuff, very unpretentious, casual but charged enough to be compelling. “Lovesody,” Motoyuki Daifu, Jan 26 – Mar 3, Lombard Fried Projects, NYC.