LUSH’s Piss-Take Exhibit

12.22.10 Bucky Turco

An Australian graffiti writer with a penchant for mischief and jackassery, just fired shots… at everyone for his “Street Art Sale” exhibit. From Catholics to fixed gear bikes and some of the world’s most acclaimed graffiti writers and street artists, LUSH’s solo show at the Backwoods Gallery just outside of Melbourne is wildly humorous and critical of just about every facet of hip urban culture.

Although he admits that he’ll “probably get stabbed” for it, he made a COPE2 coffin and took a swipe at legendary subway bomber CAP. Banksy and “SPACE INGAYDERS” were not spared either. That fixed gear is also the most frightening thing ever devised. Damn you LUSH! (Photos: Mercyfulfate/flickr & Backwoods Gallery)