Luzinterruptus: Madrid's Broken Water Fountains Are Ali-i-i-ive

02.15.12 Marina Galperina

Spanish street intervention art crew Luzinterruptus strikes again. The hell you want the people of Madrid to walk three miles to the nearest drinking fountain? Outrage! Or, rather, a gentle protest, as per usual, with temporary, glowing light installations. Ahh, luminescence. For action Drinking Water Running Through the Streets, the crew took over four broken fountains in the city’s center, outfitting them with electric lights. Here’s the tear-jerker kicker — the “bulbs” are empty vitamin vials that a sick 1-year-old girl has emptied — 200 of them.

The installation lasted about 6 hours and caused no damage or electrocutions, despite all those lights, wires and puddles.