Manhattan Restaurant Puts Rockaways Bartenders to Work

12.03.12 Andy Cush

For restaurant workers in the Rockaways, Hurricane Sandy proved especially devestating. Not only were homes destroyed, but many shuttered bars and eateries left food service professionals out of work. Now, Manhattan restauranteur and Rockaway native Michael Sinensky is doing his part to help the storm recovery along: by allowing displaced bartenders from the peninsula to serve up drinks at his several restaurants. Last week, Sinesky brought guest bartenders from the Rockaways to SideBAR, his Union Square outpost, allowing the tapsters to keep tips and 10% of the bar’s draw. He says he’ll be implementing the same practice at all of his bars.

“I can fit as many Rockaway bartenders as they have,” he said. “I have a lot of places, and my staff has made it clear that they are willing to help and share their tips with people.”

Guest spots will be available to Rockaways bartenders every Friday through the holiday season.

(Photo: duluoz cats/Flickr)