Marilyn Minter Takes Hennessy Youngman's 'Virginity' Tonight

02.16.12 Marina Galperina

laurelOh, what? The sparkly, sudsy, porny, big time visual artist Marilyn Minter has curated a show at superstar Maurizio Cattelan’s new gallery. It’s called “The Virgins.” Among them, New Casualist painters and the NY gallery debut of one Hennessy Youngman. Go, Hennessy!

Why Hennesy, ArtInfo asks and Marilyn says:

Hah! How do you not know his videos? They are hysterical! I realized that I have never seen his work in a New York gallery. I got in touch with him and he made a new video, so this will be his New York debut, as a virgin! He has a great idea for the space, too. It will be a nice surprise in April!

So, that’s what an epic take-down of Damien Hirst with just the right amount of #SHARKFACE will do for you. Also in the show, lots of fresh young artists and “born again virgins” like hottie video/performance art princess Laurel Nakadate. Maybe Hennessy can school her about relational aesthetic being like herpes and performance art as a special kind of annoying. The Pharaoh Hennessy, gone legit.

“The Virgins,” Group Show, Feb 16 (Reception 6-8pm) – Mar 15, Family Business Gallery, NY (520 W 21st Street)

PS. He’s also nominated for  The Next Great Jerry Award. Watch out, Saltz.