Marilyn Monroe Slept With a Soviet Spy, Says Soviet Spy

05.03.12 Marina Galperina

According to a Russian documentary Monroe in the Land of Dostoyevsky heading West this year, Marilyn had herself a fling with a Soviet Spy. “Vladislav Egorov,” now a former KGB agents, says Monroe has long been in contact with the Soviet Secret Service. In the doc directed by Lyudmila Temnova, “Vlad” recalls that time in 1960 when Marilyn, angry after a fight with her hubby Arthur Miller, was visiting Moscow and, apparently, a Kremlin hotel room. Baum chicka baum baum.

“Those were two unforgettable days… But there was a certain tension between us, as both of us knew that although we were alone, we could still be seen and heard.”

Exciting. Leggit, too. Alright. I confess. I also slept with Marilyn Monroe. Also, Anna Chapman. Boy, do I have stories. Lyudmila, let’s make a documentary!