Marketing Firm Will Pay Your Mortgage If You Turn Your Home Into a Billboard

10.11.12 Andy Cush

Marketing firm Brainiacs from Mars wants to pay your mortgage for a year, and all you have to do in exchange is turn your house into a giant, orange and green billboard like the one above. So far 149 Brooklynites have applied for the home makeover, as have 22 Manhattanites, 64 Bronx residents, 73 Staten Islanders, and 85 Queens residents. The firm will ultimately select 3,000 homeowners from a nationwide pool of 42,000 applicants. “That’s an unusually high concentration of contenders,” said Romeo Mendoza of the marketing firm. “It shows that people are really struggling.” In addition to the bright colored scheme, homes will feature a Brainiacs from Mars logo and QR code.

The Daily News interviewed several of the Brooklyn applicants, and found that many of them are hardworking people looking for a break. “God knows I could use the money,” said Khamattie Jones, a Canarsie nurse who’s in recovery from breast cancer and had to leave her second job. “I’m keeping my fingers crossed.”