Master P Calls Out Lil Wayne for Betraying New Orleans

01.25.10 Cajun Boy


As you may have heard, the New Orleans Saints, yes, THE NEW ORLEANS SAINTS, defeated the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Championship game last night to advance to the Super Bowl against the Indianapolis Colts. You may have also heard that Lil Wayne, a New Orleans native, pissed off a lot of the locals last week when he announced that he’d be pulling for the Vikings in last night’s game, because he likes the way Brett Favre’s ass looks in a pair of Wrangler jeans or something. Now Weezy’s been stone cold called out by another hip-hop icon who’s also a New Orleans native.

Master P spoke to Baller Status about the matter:

“The comment Lil Wayne made about New Orleans Saints losing to the Minnesota Vikings, made no sense to me as a New Orleans native,” explained P. “This is our hope as a city after surviving Hurricane Katrina. This team should bring us together as people. I understand that he has the right to have his own opinion and comment or even root for another team if he wants to. It’s just disappointing to hear this coming from a brother who was born and raised in New Orleans, made money off his music representing the city of New Orleans, talking about it in his lyrics.

“I’m from Uptown New Orleans and I don’t care who the Saints play against, how good the opposing team is, nor what the odds are against them. I would never go against my team, the New Orleans Saints, or root for an opposing team playing against them. We’ve been waiting to get to the Super Bowl for 40 years and if we do, we will celebrate in Second Line. I guess we won’t be hearing any Superbowl songs from Lil Wayne unless the Vikings win. This is sad for the fans in the city of New Orleans because they really thought Lil Wayne was down.”

P says that as an entertainer you hold power in your words, and need to be careful with what you say because it effects so many.

“Most entertainers and athletes don’t realize that once you’re in the spotlight, you need to think about some of the things that you say because it will follow you throughout your career, good or bad,” he concluded.

On a personal note, for the last few years I get together with a few other Saints fans in a bar in East Village to watch all the games. After every victory, we have a postgame dance party, with a DJ who spins songs by New Orleans-area artists, a few of which were Lil Wayne songs. Starting last night, Lil Wayne has been banished from our playlist.