Maurizio Cattelan Hangs Hitlers, Horses and JFK in the Guggenheim

11.04.11 Marina Galperina

Only really having fallen in love with Maurizio Cattelan after he erected a giant middle finger statue in front of the Italian stock exchange (zeitgeist much?), these images of his post-retirement anti-retrospective at the Guggenheim are making me swoon. He didn’t just decide to clump and string up all his work in the middle, dangling in a great heap, progressively visible as you traverse the ramp upwards? Oh, yes, he did. 

There’s that mounted sex wife trophy! Overall this looks like one of Gugg’s best, up there with the Louise Bourgeois retrospective and Matthew Barney’s Cremaster epic. “Maurizio Cattelan: All” Maurizio Cattelan, Nov 4 – Jan 22, the Guggenheim, NYC (All exhibit preview photos: Art Fag City)