Max Fish Pops Up in Miami

12.03.13 Marina Galperina & Aymann Ismail

“I think it has the Max Fish vibe for sure,” the bar’s owner Ulli Rimkus tells ANIMAL. “It feels good, not nostalgic.” The Lower East Side’s venerable dive bar and graffiti writer hang-out shut down earlier this year, but with the help of Klughaus gallery, it is being briefly resurrected in Miami.

Rimkus and friends recreated Max Fish from the dangling clouds to hanging lights to the blue and red patterns dotting the interior. They even had the bathroom tagged and stickered, in tribute to the bar’s famously graffitied facilities.

“Max Fish represents an old New York, much like Klughaus,” Klughaus gallery co-owner Pierre Gutierrez tells ANIMAL. The DKNY-sponsored pop-up opens to the public tomorrow at 6pm. When we stopped by for a preview look at the place, artworks were still being hung.

One of the best pieces in the show is a framed poster of Kaws’ very underwhelming MTV Moonman redux, tagged by Lewy of BTM, who allegedly once stole a $100,000 KAWS painting from the hallways of Marc Ecko’s Complex magazine office in a silly disguise. He also bombed the Brooklyn Bridge.

“Max Fish x Klughaus,” Alexander Heir, Brigitte Engler, Cinik, Combey Road, Dan Santoro, Elmo, Greg Lamarche, Gregg Woolard, Grotesk, Javier Bergasa, Jurne, Lewy Btm, Mark Flood, Maxwell Holyoke-Hirsch, Maya Margolina, Meryl Smith, Mr. Kiji, Sabekst, Seb Gorey, Snoeman, The Yok & Sheryo, Tom Gould, Victor Reyes, Steel, Wane Cod and more, Dec 4 – Dec 7, 814 1st St, Miami Beach, FL 33139 (Radio Bar)

(Photos: Aymann Ismail/ANIMALNewYork)

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