Mayor Bloomberg Invokes Vintage President Clinton On Affirmative Action To Defend Stop-and-Frisk

06.10.12 Bucky Turco

Speaking at a black church in Brownsville on Sunday, the mayor upheld stop-and-frisk, citing erroneous crime statistics, just like Ray Kelly, to justify it. However, Bloomberg did backtrack ever so slightly on the invasive searches, borrowing from Bill Clinton’s “Mend it, don’t end it” slogan in defense of affirmative action, and applying it to the controversial NYPD tactic: “I believe the practice needs to be mended, not ended, to ensure that stops are conducted appropriately, with as much courtesy as possible.” Right, because stop-and-frisk wouldn’t be an issue if police officers would just be a little more courteous while racially profiling and trampling the rights of mostly blacks and Hispanics. (Photo: Spencer T Tucker/NYC Mayor’s flickr)