Mayor Bloomberg Disapproves of Banksy

10.16.13 Andy Cush

Michael Bloomberg has spoken, and Banksy is “not [his] definition of art.” Shouldn’t be a surprise given the mayor’s previously stated opinions on graffiti, but it’s interesting that he couldn’t offer up even a modicum of goodwill for the street artist that has so fully captured the city’s attention this month.

“I’ll leave it up to our Department of Cultural Affairs,” he said today when asked about Banksy, Politicker reports. “But look, graffiti does ruin people’s property and it’s a sign of decay and loss of control.”

“Art is art,” he added. “And nobody’s a bigger supporter of the arts than I am. I just think there are some places for art and there are some places [not for] art. And you running up to somebody’s property or public property and defacing it is not my definition of art. Or it may be art, but it should not be permitted. And I think that’s exactly what the law says.”

We reached out to both Bill de Blasio’s and Joe Lhota’s campaigns for their opinions on Banksy last week to no avail.