Medical Weed Will Soon Be Available in the Nation’s Capital

12.26.12 Bucky Turco

And to think it only took 15 years. Residents in Washington, D.C. first voted on a medical weed measure back when gas only cost $1.15 a gallon, Windows 98 was released and Viagra was given the green light by the FDA. Despite the overwhelming support the referendum received (69%), drug warriors in Congress have managed to keep the law from being enacted, until now.

According to the Washington Times, at least two of the six approved dispensary sites will open in a few months, after successfully navigating through the capital’s bureaucratic medical weed minefield. As noted by the Times, one of the locations will be within earshot of the Capitol, the very institution that outright refused to enact the law and the same congressional body that has historically maintained the prohibition on cannabis. So although weed will remain illegal under federal law, it will be legal in the city that cradles the seat of federal law. Legalization apparently doesn’t come without a sense of civic irony. (Photo: iteijeiro/Flickr)