Damian’s Inferno: Meet HAELER

07.12.12 Damian Burnz & Joseph Schulhoff

Welcome to Damian’s Inferno, a new series of interviews conducted by Damian Burnz, a lifelong New Yorker with a rolodex of intriguing souls who make this world that much more interesting.

HAELER is a 30-something-year-old graffiti warrior. Originally from Boyle Heights in East Los Angeles, the well known vandal has been enhancing the streets of cities all across the globe for over 20 years. “I consider myself the Anthony Bourdain of graffiti,” he said after a recent bombing spree in New York City. “I’m very very well traveled, have a good taste for fine foods, and a good taste in women.”

He’s also down with a lot of crews. He founded AL, but also reps DMS, BTM, MSK, LOD, OTR, TNT, D30 and Seventh Letter. HAELER agreed to let us trail him as he modified the Lower East Side with spray paint, markers, stickers, etch bath, and a scriber. As you’ll see, he’s not a big fan of street art.

(Video shot and edited: Joseph Schulhoff/ANIMALNewYork)