Mind-Bending Installation Warps Gravity in Chelsea

09.27.12 Lily Streeter

Los Angeles-based artist Julian Hoeber has created an installation in Chelsea that invites participants to enter a free-standing structure entitled “DH#2” that seeks to defy and deconstruct our perceptions of gravity, or at least recreate the effects of a few glasses of bad gallery wine. The architectural technique is based on a depression-era gimmick, in which roadside attractions claimed to possess “gravitational mystery spots” causing the vertigo effect. At the Harris Lieberman gallery however, the apparatus producing the effect will be on display to the public along with a series of paintings, low-relief wall works, and furniture that reference the optical illusion. A sign posted on the wall of the installation reads “DH#2 is an interior space in which gravity appears to have been altered or suspended. As a result, visitors may experience disorientation, nausea and/or exhaustion. Please exercise caution and enter at your own risk.” Sounds like the end of a successful Thursday-night marathon in Chelsea.

(Photo: Art in America Magazine )