Blood on Canvas

10.05.12 Lily Streeter

Meet Vince Castiglia, current resident of Hell’s Kitchen and your nightmares. Since Satanic imagery alone isn’t depraved enough for the New York art world, he adds in a little bit of “life”. The paint Castiglia uses is a solution of iron oxide and water, better known for it’s street name —  blood… His own. And the imagery? Well, see for yourself. It’s quite fitting to the medium — good olde gruesome horror.

Castiglia estimates that his work has consumed at least 12 pints of his own blood over the course of his career and has no intention of stopping now.

“My work is literally a blood sacrifice on the altar of art,” the painter explains, sans any sarcasm. The works are priced between $950 to $26,000. “In a sense, they’re not paintings, they are hemorrhages.” Indeed.